Bridges Training Conference 2017

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Learn how to help those around you discover the power of their story.  Help them start to share and watch God use it to change lives and communities.
We will be practicing by helping each other share our stories, not only verbally, but also in writing.
Best selling author and speaker, Sue Brooke, will lead us for  two days at beautiful  Lake Hughes on the power of  helping others share their stories.
As a bonus, the stories will be gathered and edited into a book,  published, and then sold on Amazon.  You can buy these books and use them as gifts for friends, family, and financial partners.
“This weekend changed several of our leaders’ lives.”
“Each conference helps put a piece into place about reaching others.”
“It’s a great way to connect with other Bridge Leaders.”
Registration covers room, board, and lots of fun! Financial scholarships are available based on need. Registration deadline is October 29th.


  • How to Leverage Bridges to help your ministry, Bridges 101
  • Creating Safe and Sacred Space for Story Telling
  • Using Video to Tell Stories
  • Using Podcasts
  • Raising Financial Partners
  • Praying for Your Ministry
  • Marketing Your Ministry
  • Leveraging Your Bridges Tools for Your Ministry
  • Working on Your Story
Re-imagine the possibilities of how God is calling you.
Brainstorm and strategize first or next steps in your calling.
Get ideas for training others to engage their communities.
And gain access to a network of Coaches, Support Groups, Fundraising Experts, and other resources to nurture and equip you in your ministry.
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