Bridges’ most recent Annual Report provides compelling stories, pictures, and numbers that together share the excitement of the Bridges movement.

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Providing the very best support to leaders seeking to change lives, start new ministries, and facilitate newly Christ-following ministries…outside existing church culture, in our own networks and neighborhoods, all across America.

Let us tell you about some of our Bridge Leaders:

Manny Flores
Bridge Leader

90% of Manny Flores’ community is under the poverty line. As a Bridge Leader in ‘Oikos 4:45 Ministry’ ( and community liaison for North Valley Caring Services, he helps meet the needs of 60-70 people each week by providing breakfast, clothing, showering, and other services in North Hills, California. “As we meet people through our programs we’re able to disciple them during a difficult time of their life.” He sees Bridges as an essential part of his work. “Bridges creates an opportunity for us to be a nontraditional church. We’re out here ministering to people at the level of need. As we depend on Bridges, the future of our ministry is very bright.”

Florence Annang
Bridge Leader

Kids don’t like homework. Florence Annang’s ministry, Thrive Learning Lab, grew out of such simple facts. She started this ministry in Northwest Pasadena in order to help kids grow, both academically and spiritually. “If they absorb something through enjoying it,” she says, “it becomes etched in their memory.” She leads an after school program and organizes a five-week summer camp. Kids learn a lot about God’s word. She has seen the lives of the children and their families transformed. She thanks Bridges in part for the result. “Bridges increases my capacity for ministry by providing a coach for fundraising, office assistance, and they’re always just a phone call away for prayer.”

Bridges is a Christian non-profit that empowers local leaders to improve the lives of people in their communities. 

Whether our leaders are helping pregnant teenagers, feeding the hungry or assisting the elderly, Bridges helps these leaders accomplish their goals by providing Assessment, Coaching, Training, and Support (ACTS).

With your partnership, Bridges will realize its dream of an America transformed through an ever-increasing number of local Christ-following communities working for the common good of all.

Jim Milley – Chief Catalyst
Statement of the movement

It has been such a privilege and encouragement to serve all our Bridge Leaders. They are networking with people inside their social circles but outside the church, sharing the message of Life along the way.

In the following pages you’ll encounter Bridge Leaders who are serving God in many different networks. There’s Manny, who works with struggling folks in his neighborhood. And Florence, who does after-school programming with kids in her community. You’ll even read about Bruce, who literally saved someone’s life up on California’s Mount Wilson!

What Bruce, Manny, and Florence do represents the work of all our Bridge Leaders. They connect with others in their social network and bring them into contact with the living God through food, water, wellness, diapers, housing, friendship, hope, and comfort.

From local congregations to distant presbyteries and owners of housing properties, there are lots of new opportunities on our horizon. People are asking for Bridges to help train more local leaders who can change lives, make disciples and facilitate newly Christ-following communities.

I hope this annual report will get you even more excited about what God is doing through all of us serving and networking together.

Cat Moore, Bridge Leader: There are a lot of people around us who are looking to connect…we’re going to them.

We are building:

Bridges to people outside existing churches

New, creative ways of “being church”

HOPE for the future of church in the USA

Research Proves that Bridges Works!

Within 1 year of joining Most new Leaders have more friendships with “unchurched” people.

Many Leaders start forming discipleship groups

Within 2 years of joining Most Leaders are discipling people from outside church culture

Bridge Leaders are currently:

  • Influencing 4,200 people
  • Befriending 886 people
  • Meeting regularly with 337 people

Bridges’ Board Members

Our Board carefully reviews financials, visits sites, and oversees the Executive Director to ensure that all the projects and funds are utilized effectively to equip Leaders to transform lives in the many cultures outside the existing church. Bridges actively sees to it that your generous donations are wisely spent to create an ever-increasing number of local Christ-following disciples and communities working for the common good.

Tom King (Chair) – Tom works for Tesla Motors and has been working on solar projects for many years.

Karen Berns – Karen is a retired pastor who joined Bridges to continue her commitment to helping people experience God’s presence and live for God’s mission.

Gaithri Fernando – Gaithri is a distinguished professor of psychology at Cal State LA. She led the development of our Assessment Surveys for measuring Bridge Leader growth and effectiveness over time.

Mike Gibney – Mike has worked as a Business Strategy and Organization Transformation consultant for the past 19 years and is currently serving as the Financial Oversight Member of the Bridges Board.

Greg Jones – Greg is a licensed attorney with 32 years of experience handling probate, civil litigation, family law, trusts & estates and real property. Jones & Ayotte Attorneys at Law in Pasadena, CA.

Jim Milley – Jim is the Founder, Executive Director and Chief Catalyst of Bridges. “We don’t plant churches first. We don’t plant worship services first. We plant ourselves first.”

Eric Newman – Eric served on four continents opening new markets, training management and providing consulting services for international publishing companies.

Beth Teran – Besides her work as a Physical Therapist and mother of three, Beth is a Bridge Leader and hosts a Support Group.

Bridges knows that 3 out of 4 Christian leaders, under the stress of leading change across America, do not finish well. That’s why Bridges goes the extra mile to provide multiple supports for each Bridge Leader. One on one Coaching, frequent Training Events, Annual Assessments, and Monthly Support Groups help each Bridge Leader to maximize their strengths and leverage their skills to help others and transform communities.

Reverend Walter Contreras

A graduate of the Fuller Theological Seminary, Reverend Contreras has been a leader in Southern California’s evangelical Latino community for over 30 years. His impressive contributions include being Vice President of the Western Region of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition among numerous other community services. In his short time with Bridges, he found the time to help accomplish an important goal: a Spanish Language version of Bridges called “Puentes,”which has provided new connections, great and small, for the community outreach we strive to nurture.

Here are a few stories from Puentes’ first year:

Bridge Leader Josiel is helping a young homeless man to get on his feet and find friendship and connection with God.

Bridge Leader Nora is connecting an unemployed guitarist with music teaching opportunities in her faith community.

Bridge Leader Argel is networking with undocumented families in their struggle for rights and residency.

Bridge Leader Jessica is discipling an under-served, over-burdened adolescent girl in her social circle.

Bridges’ Dreams for 2018 and beyond 

  • Train and Support 62 new Bridge Leaders on all 62 low income properties owned by Humangood. Humangood has made the invitation. The door is open. Cost: $250,000.
  • Launch and multiply Spanish Speaking Bridge Leaders and Support Groups. Cost: $30,000 for each group.
  • Hire an Advancement Director to help us develop new partnerships with new denominations and congregations. Cost: $50,000.
  • Diversify our leadership and staff to network into the ever increasing subgroups within
    the USA.
  • Expand our reach on the East Coast with new partnerships and grants from denominations, congregations, and foundations.

Increase our services to our Bridge Leaders with more admin help, better service delivery, and more results.

Other ways to give to Bridges this coming year

Used Cars (drop off at Bob Smith Toyota)
New computers
New printers
Office Paper
Software for Live Streaming
Marketing Consultation for Bridge Leader
Fund Development Consultation
Business Plan Development
HR compliance
HR hiring
Gas Cards
Food Cards
New Ink

If you can provide these, please use our contact page and let us know.

For every $3,000 we receive above last year’s giving, we can empower another Bridge Leader to impact the lives of those outside existing church culture. To send out another 50 Bridge Leaders, we need to raise $150,000 more this coming year.

Latest Partnership Opportunities 

monthly or one-time


fully sponsors a Bridge Leader for two months


scholarship for a Bridge Leader to attend a training conference


1 month of personal coaching for a Bridge Leader


hospitality for a monthly Support Group Meeting


assessments for 1 Bridge Leader

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that the Board of Directors of Bridges has complete control and discretion over the use of all donated funds.

A Non-Profit Christian Organization.  Tax  ID 27-2460560  501 C3 

Public Charity Status 170 (b) (1) (A) (i) 

100% tax deductible. Please see your tax advisor on how this applies to your tax situation

Bridges shapes and equips leaders to befriend and serve people outside existing church culture

and to catalyze new Christ-following communities which partner with existing churches.

Bridge Leaders Conference – November 5, 2016

70 people attended Bridges’ annual Conference. Keynote Speaker Mark Labberton of Fuller
Seminary brought a powerful message of vision and encouragement. The workshops instructed attendees in everything from “How to Start a Ministry” to “Creating a ‘Messy Church’” and more. This conference reflects Bridges’ understanding of Leaders’ rapidly changing environments and the recognition of the need for training and inspiration for those Leaders.

Mark Labberton, President of Fuller Seminary: [Bridge Leaders] are people with invigorated faith, humble spirit and courageous love. They are living to make Jesus visible to their neighbors.

Beth Teran, Bridge Leader from Sierra Madre:  I’m still digesting such meat!! Exactly what I needed. Exactly!!!

Doug Stevens, Pastor: Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this conference and grateful for your efforts to focus the church on the necessary but unconventional ways of taking our essential mission seriously.

Lou Federmann, Bridge Leader from Huntington Beach: “I knew discipling needed to be part of my life but I just felt unskilled and unprepared and uncomfortable—not knowing how to go about it. Bridges has helped me figure out how to make discipling a part of my life.”

Bre Goss, Mission Worker: “I love Bridges’ framework, support coaches, training opportunities and the variety of missionaries they are representing that are out there doing our Lord’s work. The harvest field is all around us.”

Other Training Events

Bridges “Training To Go“- June 17, 2017
Bridges supporters spent a day “on the road” visiting four different Bridge Leaders in action. Everyone on this experimental field trip got a first hand look at what Bridge Leaders are doing to connect with, serve, and disciple people in their communities and social networks.

Bridges Training Sessions – August–October 2016
A half dozen people, each from 3 different congregations, committed to 6-week training sessions where they learned what Bridges does, how they can  do it too, and why it is so important.

Charles Taylor Kerchner, Research Professor: I learned a lot, especially that my life is too busy to form the kinds of relationships needed to be a disciple of Christ; changes are needed.

We Invest in Bridge Leaders

$250 per month fully supports a Bridge Leader with Assessment, Coaching, Training, and Support

Assessment – Assessments measure meaningful aspects of leadership and help leaders develop holistically in the midst of ever-changing ministry.
Coaching – Our experienced Coaches are gifted in coming alongside Bridge Leaders on a monthly basis to maximize the work they’re already doing with God.
Training – A few times per year we offer focused, practical training events for individuals, small groups and congregations around the 6 Missional Skills.
Support Groups – Monthly cohorts gather to learn together, pray for each other and encourage each other around texts and case studies that are relevant to their ministry work.
Support as Fiscal Sponsor – We provide the administrative and legal infrastructure for Bridge Leaders who want to raise funds, which frees up their time and energy for ministry work.

Kyle Joachim, Bridge Leader: “Fundraising through Bridges has been absolutely critical to realizing God’s vision for my ministry.”

Total Income: $311,984

Total Expenses: $287,296

In Kind Donations are up 176% from 2016: more and more people are supporting us not just with money but with their time, energy and resources.

Together, 27 Bridge Leaders raised $454,608
in addition to the Bridges income shown above.

Mike Gibney, Financial Board Member: “Finances leveled off this year because we focused our energy and resources on adjusting to all the amazing growth we have been seeing. Now, with healthy funding and our updated infrastructure, Bridges is ready to soar!”

Bridges’ Annual Dinner “A Night in the Light

April 2, 2017 at Brookside Country Club in Pasadena was a HUGE success! Comedian Ron Pearson hosted the event, which gathered 260 people and raised $30,000 for the Bridges’ mission. 125 people also joined the event via Churchy’s livestream and the attendees loved it: “Such a blast” “Really fun evening” “So many congrats – what a win!”

Bridge Leaders’ Accomplishments 2016-2017

  • Rex McDaniel – Opened “Otter Storytime Telling Hour” at a bar in Pasadena. Encourages people to share their stories.
  • Cissy Brady-Rodgers – Led a series on mindful eating. Helps women thrive.
  • Allison LaBianca – Seeks unconventional spaces for people to connect to God through practicing ‘Holy’ Yoga.
  • Rodrigo de la Sotta – Created a number of retreats to help people connect with God.

Bridges’ Accomplishments 2016-2017

  • 226 people discipled from outside churches
  • 59 discipleship groups / 42 leader training groups
  • 12 monthly groups for Bridge Leaders
  • Trained 50+ Bridge Leaders at National Conference at Encino Presbyterian Church
  • Added 17 new Bridge Leaders
  • Social Media Upgrade! We increased our web presence, joined Instagram, updated our web page and even livestreamed an event


Julie Jones, Bridges Coach: It would be great if every congregation had 10 Bridge Leaders.

Evelyn Carpenter: In a season of thankfulness, I want you to know that coaching for Bridges is one of the things I am grateful for in my life!

Bridges has many committed and talented people involved.

Could you or someone you know be the next Bridge Leader to join Bridges? Every person has talents that can help and inspire their community. Some are small, some can literally save a life, and all have the power to change lives by befriending and serving people outside existing church culture.

One outstanding example is Bruce, an 83-year-old grandfather and a Bridge Leader. The local news reported a life-saving event for an injured 27-year-old hiker who fell down a 30-foot slope on a seldom-used hiking trail in the San Gabriel Mountains. Bruce happened to be on this trail because the one he had planned to take was closed. Bruce saw the hiker lying on his back. He had lost one shoe. Bruce made his way down to help. He had been carrying an emergency satellite call device for the last ten years. On this day he pressed it for the first time. The two men waited for help to arrive. Bruce spent the next four hours reassuring and listening to his new friend, Adam. God had brought just the right person to be with this 27 year old. Adam happened to be African American and gay. He seemed disoriented after his fall.

Bruce, at 83, had life experiences that seemed just right for this moment. Bruce just happened to have the experience of pastoring an African-American congregation and marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bruce just happened to have met weekly for a year in a private home with a group of gay men who had faced rejection and insults. Some had been violently attacked. Their negative experience with families and churches contrasted with their positive experience with Jesus. Bruce just happened to have counseled individuals who were disoriented in one way or another. Bruce just happened to be on the mountain that day in the exact spot that Adam fell. Bruce just happened to have his device to call for emergency personnel.

Although the news reporters heralded across the country that an 83-year-old man had saved the life of a 27-year-old hiker, could it be that they had missed the real story? Perhaps God had both Bruce and Adam in exactly the place they needed to be that day.

Could it be that God has prepared you for something that is about to happen even today?

We believe that everyone has something valuable to offer and that God has placed you where you are today, with your unique lifetime experiences for a reason. Our Mission is to provide the very best support to leaders seeking to change lives, start new ministries and facilitate newly Christ-following Communities.

Bridges’ Donors

BNY Mellon
Calvary Presbyterian Church
FBRG Insurance Services
First Presbyterian Church of Burbank
Geneva Presbyterian Church
La Cañada Presbyterian ­Church
Presbytery of San Gabriel
Schwab Charitable
TD Ameritrade Clearing
Doug & Marie Abajian
Clara Abedian
Nancy Aceituno
Jean Aichele
Margie Barbour
Sara Bauer
Ardis Bazyn
Bob & Cindy Beart
Don & Karen Berns
Alex & Janet Boggs
Dave & Cissy Brady Rogers
Mary Braswell
Suzanne Bravender
Bob & Arlene Brown
John Bullock
Craig & Torie Carlson
Dennis & Evelyn Carpenter
Mandy Cary
Doris Coates
Bill Craig
Loretta Davis
Keith Eich
David Evans
Lou Federmann
Darrell & Michele Fernandez
Rob & Ginny Fisher
Mike & Alice Flanagan
Manny Flores
Nancy Foote
Michael & Rain Gibney
John & Jodean Giese
James Granier
Eleanor Grossman-Muller
Cynthia Guenther
Pat Guernsey
Obed Guevara
Kale Hailu
Herb & Rosalie Hall
Betsy Hall
Rich & Ellen Haserot
Lewis & Julia Hastings
John & Christine Holmquist
Joanne Horne
Jack Irwin
Barbara Ishida
Frederich John
Marker & Marvelle Karahadian
Karl Karnes
Scott & Deena Keys
Elmira Khadour
Gregory Kilpatrick
Tom & Nancy King
Tom & Jody Klotzle
Allison La Bianca
David & Carolyn Lessley
Randy & Cheryl Lovejoy
Peter & Jan Lowe
Luis-Enrique M
Don Maddox
Marilyn Manning
Steve & Shirley Markonich
Noelia Marti-Colon
Jim & Debbie Milley
Stanley & Nancy Moore
Shirley Myers
Eric Newman
Tom & Debbie Ong
Chuck & Barbara Osburn
Frank & Jenny Pass
Mike & Cathie Patrick
Anna Pawlowska
Ron & Tanya Pearson
Greg Perkins
Rebecca Prichard
Kaye Prince
Kim Rathman
Jeffrey & Lyn Riemers
Norman & Doreen Roadarmel
Herbert & Anna Marie Rottenbacher
Shadi & Jennifer Sanbar
Jeanne Shaffer
Kevin & Diane Sheldahl
Mike & Patty Smith
Ronald Smith
David Suydam
Jean Throckmorton
Steve & Kristen Todd
Rob & Laurie Tribken
John Turner
George Vamos
Carlos & Alice Velarde
Mike & Glenda Webster
Bill & Janet Wells
Charles & Lois Westphal
Mark Williams
Donald Williams
Ken Winter
Greg & Rachel Wolflick
Pamela Wyroski
Allan & Pat Yuen
Norma Zuelow

Bridge Leader and Community Donations

Abode Services
Christ Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
Claremont Presbyterian Church
Cloud Source Media INC
Community Church
National Christian Foundation Indiana
Hope Christian Fellowship
Sierra Madre Congregational Church
CSK Services INC.
Discovery Church
First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills
First Lutheran Church of Northridge
First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio TX
Fountain Avenue Baptist Church
Glendale Presbyterian Church
La Crescenta Presbyterian Church
National Christian Foundation
Otten Family Trust
Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church
Neelsville Presbyterian Church
Brown Advisory Securities
Presbytery of San Fernando
Robinwood INC
San Marino Community Church
Soroptimist International of Baldy View
The Jewelry Source Inc.
John & Viola Abdel Messiah
Micheal Abdou
Shah Afshar
Kathleen & Gary Aller
David Allsopp
David Andersen
Jim & Anne Anderson
Graecia Arriaza
Roy & Mary Ashford
Cory Autrey
John Babb
Tom Bagley, Sr
Thomas Bahls
Margaret Baroody
Danny & C&i Barrett
Otto Benitez
Maria Beuchel
Betty Bowen
Carrie & David Brakebush
Allen & Judy Brock
Jerry Brown
Catharine Browning
Mark & Susan Buchanan
George Buehler
Geoff Burdick
Roger Burkhart
Rafeek Bushra
Carl Byrd
Vincent Caimano
Brad & Kelly Calhoun
Hal Campbell
Edward Carey
Ed & Shirley Carlson
Linda Carricaburu
Aaron Caruso
Taylor Chamness
Marvin Chow
Melanie Chow
Kevin Coit
Bob Collins
Robert Cowden
Ryan Cowden
Bruce & Kathryn Crawford
Lisa Culpepper
Patricia Cummings
Kenneth Dallas
Dawson David
James Davidson
Lee Ann Dawkins
Patrick & Elsa Day
Gary & Marily Demarest
Eric Derrington
Andy & Jennifer
Ehab-Tawfik Monir Tawfik
amp; Amal Dous
Rena Durham
June & Ken Durr
Chris Duryee
Jim & Janet Eddy
Jan Edwards
Tim English
Michele Evert
Phoenix Eyre
Linda Faber
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Larry Featherstone
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David Frame
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Benjamin & Susan Fudge
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