Bridges provides missionary training

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We all need training. Missionary training. We need training in how to support missionaries in the USA.

Here is a list of training topics I made almost three years ago.

Bridges provides training in all these topics:

1.  The unprecedented opportunity we have in LA County and the surrounding Valleys

2.  What could a new “church” look like? The need for experimentation

  • changes in our culture
  • various models of a new community of Jesus followers

3.  What entrepreneurs need to be successful in forming new Christian community

4.  Why starting new churches is good for our existing churches

5.  The synergy that can occur between structures

  • The role of congregations
  • The role of Presbytery
  • The role of Bridges

6.  Availability of people who start new churches and can oversee entrepreneurial church planters in the PC(USA)

7. Why new church planters may want to work with the PC(USA)

8.  A call to commitment.  What La Cañada Presbyterian Church is willing to do to lead the process. A challenge to ask other congregations what they are willing to do. What is the presbytery willing to do? What are you willing to do?  (Read more on Bridges’ Christ-centered Communities)


Jim Milley

P.S. By the way, the old method can work today. Check out Paso Robles and Baird Graham. In the right situation, every method can work. And with God, all things are possible.

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