Jim Milley
Jim MilleyChief Catalyst
Jim leads Bridges and also seeks to nurture new leaders through having fun in the outdoors and exercise. Through scouting, he mentors adults and youth during biweekly patrol meetings, camping trips, fishing excursions and nature hikes Casual conversations lead to deeper friendships and mutual growth. Duty to God is an important value in scouting, and Jim helps scout leaders and youth explore what that means for them. Jim also leads a Bridges Support Group for leaders at the YMCA in Tujunga. Members have started art groups, yoga groups, walk groups and ministries to disabled persons.
Cat Moore
Cat MooreCommunications Catalyst
Cat and Noah have formed relationships with hundreds of neighbors through regularly spending time at their corner Starbucks. These diverse friends come from many economic, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds. The relationships have blossomed into family-like community that spills out of the cafe into phone calls, holiday celebrations and service projects. People report feeling accepted for who they really are and supported and challenged to be better people. Local writers, radio personalities, and university professors are visiting the cafe to experience the unlikely community and invite Cat to share the story with their groups. Cat is currently writing a book about God’s unexpected and organic work in the cafe: Our Cafe: Brewing Up Some Local Love. OurCafe.LA
Nick Warnes
Nick WarnesSupport Group Catalyst
Nick is a husband and the Organizing Pastor of Northland Village Church is Los Angeles, California. He enjoys the regular pattern and rhythm of being a local pastor and loves to spend his extra time supporting others to start new churches. He does this as a coach and church planting assessor for the Presbyterian Church USA and as a co-creator of a regular cohort for people discerning church planting. He is an advisor and teacher for the Fuller Theological Seminary Church Planting Certificate. Nick has been training Bridge Leaders since the beginning of Bridges and was a founding Board Member of the movement. Most recently, InterVarsity Press published his first book called “Starting Missional Churches: Life with God in the Neighborhood.”
Rick Ridgway
Rick RidgwaySupport Catalyst
Rick has been a member of two science-fiction focused groups for years. He meets weekly for dinner and discussion with one group. The other group regularly meets at a local home for movie nights. The relationships are characterized by trust, but Rick has felt stuck knowing how to develop these relationships further. He says, “The people I want to disciple are all kind-hearted. They live within the law, they just don’t worship God. They’ve had bad experiences with people who didn’t fully understand Christianity, people who used it as a platform. So that’s where I’m hoping I can help show another way. That’s where my Bridges Coach and Bridges Support Group come in. They help me navigate the process.”