Bridging in Retirement: Rex McDaniel

rex-mcdaniels-bad-quality-sorry-chris“In retirement, I have been glad and grateful to hear Jesus say, ‘Go join them, in their work and at their table,’” shared Rex, one of our newest Bridge Leaders.

Rex spends three days a week at a Habitat Build site, building relationships with habitat workers, the 9 families whose homes are being built, and a few other groups helping regularly at the site.

When one leader ended up in the hospital waiting for a triple bypass surgery, Rex didn’t hesitate. He called and went over to the hospital before the surgery. When he offered to pray, the wife said, “Yes, yes, would you?” Rex prayed a simple prayer, and afterward the wife gave him two big hugs and said a heartfelt “Thank you.” The Habitat leader exclaimed, “Wow, I never would have guessed this would happen.”

But this is the kind of thing that is regularly happening as Bridge Leaders join in God’s work to make disciples in a stunning array of contexts. For example, relationships are being built among European expatriates, Hollywood creatives, motorhome residents, Spanish-speaking and Arabic-speaking immigrants, professors, and couples in marriage crisis.

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