Connecting to God through poetry-writing

Bridge Leader Greg has been training Street Chaplains in Fremont, California to build bridges of spiritual friendship among people in housing facilities and those experiencing homelessness. One of the ways they help people process their experiences and connect to God is through the act of composing prayers and poems.
A veteran experiencing homelessness wrote the following poem after being befriended by a Street Chaplain:
“Why can’t I get the lightening jolt of adrenalin I needed in Iraq,
but now crave on the streets of Fremont?

Sometimes I think my homeless life keeps the adrenalin flowing-
the fear of violence,
the scramble for food,
the unpredictable friendships.

To be honest with you,
I’m scared, scared of being alone, scared of being with people.
PTSD they call it, as if it is a university, and I the alumni, summa cum laude.
I thought I lost the ladder out…
But now I have hope.
I will soon have an apartment.
A stable place of quiet to live, to work, to heal.
Thank God for a new home. ”

Led by Bridge Leader Greg, these are the chaplains who spend hours and hours with people who are in need of housing and in transitional housing.
Bridge Leader Greg and others held a house-warming party when the author of this poem did indeed move into his new home!
To support Bridge Leaders like Greg who build bridges of friendship among those outside of church culture, you can donate online.

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