God’s Mysterious Connectedness: a Bridge Leader Story

God’s mysterious connectedness – a story from Bridge Leader Jon Teran

Terans“Last fall when I was coaching youth soccer, I connected with one of the referees after a game. It turned out that he and I not only shared the same faith, but we also shared a similar heart for the kids, parents and volunteers of our youth soccer league. So we decided to get together and pray and invite other dads to pray.

One of the dad’s I invited was a good friend of mine who has had a troubled past with the law.

To understand this story you need to know a few details about my friend. After years of committing crimes and being in and out of jail, my friend’s life turned around when he encountered Jesus in a new way. Now my friend is a real success story in Christ– married, working, and sharing God’s love with everyone he meets.

A key moment in my friend’s life a few years ago was when he went before the courts for the last time to deal with the money he owed the county for the crimes he committed. The judge saw my friend’s progress, and not only spoke highly of him and encouraged him to continue on in the direction he was going, but the judge also waived all the fines my friend owed the county. It was a very significant moment for my friend.

Back to the prayer group for the soccer league. When this friend walked into my dining room one morning to pray with the group of dads and the referee, it turned out that the soccer referee was the judge! So here we had, in my dining room, an “ex-con” and a judge praying together for their kids, families and friends.

It was an amazing thing to see this connection of God at work between my friend and the judge. When we step out in faith, make a friend or two and follow God’s leading, it’s incredible the blessings he sends our way.”

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