Level Ground: Creating Dialogue, Not Division

The Bridges Team is excited about the work that our friends at Level Ground are doing to build bridges of dialogue, not division at the intersection of faith, gender, and sexuality.

If you don’t know about Level Ground, check them out online, or if you are local to Los Angeles, their headquarters and ongoing events are located in Pasadena, CA.

Executive Director, Samantha Curley, describes Level Ground as a “creative, collaborative, and communal experiment in empathy. Our hope is to cultivate a better way of speaking with one another across our differences and disagreements.”

The Level Ground Festival began as a student-run film festival in 2013, but has since expanded to include multiple art forms, panel discussions, and other interactive experiences in six cities across the U.S. Level Ground itself is now offering ongoing programming and events beyond the Festivals, which include Theology Classes, Storytelling Nights, Art and Dialogue Nights, and more.

Save the date for their next festival, held in Pasadena April 5-8, 2017.

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