Listening to God’s missionary call – Part 2 – from Bollywood to Hollywood

We introduced Sam and Priya Theophylus, Bridge Leaders and Bridges staff members, a couple weeks ago. Here’s a re-cap of their earlier story:

“I was 18 years old when God called me to America,” explained Sam Theophylus.”The call was clear and the burden for your country stirred in my heart,” he continued.

Priya, Ira n Sam

Now, four years later, Sam is just finishing a Masters of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Sam and Priya are working with Bridges in a partnership with the PCUSA to plant a church in Los Feliz after graduation – or, to be more precise, to plant themselves.

The idea of ‘missionaries’ to America might strike some US Christians as a foreign concept. It’s not hard to imagine, given the sense of God at work in their lives and through their lives.

“One thing I almost forgot,” shared Sam. “I didn’t speak until I was 15 years old.” A severe speech impediment silenced him for that first decade and a half.

But at the age of 15, he was attending a youth prayer meeting when he was called upon to pray. “My sisters were so embarrassed, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to,” Sam remembered. But he walked up to the front and prayed.

“I tell my wife that the reason I speak so much now is that I am making up for lost time!” joked Sam.

The call of Jeremiah is a call he takes upon his life in a fairly literal manner – “The Lord reached out and touched my lips’ is literally my story.”

Priya, daughter Ira, and Sam
Want to read their entire story? View Bridges blog for this and other exciting stories of God at work in Los Angeles. Listen to Sam and Priya describe their ministry.

God is the one who gives Bridge Leaders a passion to minister to people outside of existing churches.

At Bridges, we don’t train people and then send them into ministry. We find people doing ministry and offer them the support and training they need.

Bridges trains leaders to use missionary skills in everyday life. Thank you so much for giving and praying for our Bridge Leaders and for the over 7 million people in Greater LA who make their way through life without the help of existing churches.

Our vision is to nurture 1000s of Bridge leaders who will cultivate 100 Christ-following communities in Greater LA and 1000 on the West Coast by 2021.

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