Bridges group posing with Dr. Punraj

New believers need to be recruited as planters

The key to creating new worshipping communities, says Dr. Ponraj, is that new believers need to be recruited to be the planters.”

Dr. Ponraj has formed thousands of new worshipping communities in India.

He spoke to a group from Bridges on March 17, 2011, at La Cañada Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Ponraj shared how God is touching 100’s of thousands of people in India. He is emphatic about applying these same tactics in the US.

Dr. Ponraj said, “You should start training planters in your congregation. Start with 5, then have them invite 10, and then they go invite 20, and before you know it you will reach your goal.”

Planters come from untypical backgrounds. Dr. Ponraj shared, “Don’t start with the theological seminary. They train pastors for pulpits. We need planters for street corners.

He went on to say, “Theological colleges are not the right place to train church planters. In every church, we need a Bible school, just for church planting.” Jim Milley shaking Dr. Punraj' hand at Bridges meeting

William Carey established Bible schools to train church planters. Now, less than 1% of graduates actually plant churches. It breaks Carey’s heart,” Dr. Ponraj continued.

Planters produce jobs for pastors. We need about 1,000 church planters for every PhD graduate.”

Dr. Ponraj concluded, “All are not church planters, church planting is the most difficult job in Christian ministry.”

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