Presence in a Third Space, Discipleship, Service Together (Repeat)

Listen to how Bryant, a Bridge Leader and Pastor, is ministering outside the church walls:

Jones Coffee-Our Cafe

Through conversations with his Bridges Coach, Bryant has discovered ways to build relationships with people in his neighborhood. He now reports spending 50% of his time as a pastor outside the church building. Specifically, as he prepares his sermons at a local cafe, he meets the regulars. A handful of these casual cafe relationships have grown into weekly discipleship meetings and participation in community service projects.

Bryant describes how this unfolds: “I was able to give “Robert” a Bible. I have encouraged him to read a Gospel so he gets an understanding of who Jesus is, and then we can discuss. I invite him to volunteer with me to an organization that serves the homeless. I tell him, ‘Look you may not be all in on the Christian faith, but you are welcome to join me in what God is doing in the neighborhood.’ In many ways this has been the best way to show the unchurched that this is what Gospel is–being part of what God is doing. And with intentional conversation, lots of daily prayer, and being outside the church walls, I am on a mission as my Lord was and still is today.”

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