Reimagining our homes as epicenters of ministry

Bryant Benitez is the Leader, Pastor, and Facilitator of House, Neighbor, Community: Church. Church starting at your doorstep. The basic idea is to empower Christians to see their home as the epicenter or starting point for sharing God’s love. Bryant encourages and equips Christians to share the love of God with their neighbors through tangible actions like:

  • Hosting a block party
  • Cutting a lawn
  • Visiting an elderly or chronically ill person
  • Cleaning up the neighborhood

Bryant says, “Jesus said to Love God is to Love Neighbor. So let’s start close to where we live and love God through loving our neighbors. We’re finding ways to make God’s love evident in our homes. And then we’re following the Holy Spirit’s leading from our homes into our neighborhoods. Through this we’re working with God to redeem and recreate our communities in Jesus’ name!”

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