Safety with Others Paves the Way for Safety with God – Bridge Leader Insight (Part 3 of 5)


In Parts 1 and 2, a Bridge Leader shared his insights from years in the field building relationships outside the church: 1. No one is a project. 2. God is at work in ALL of us. Here’s insight number 3.


Safety with each other is a pointer to safety with God.

safety first line

God’s goal is not religion, it’s relationship with humanity. The safety and warmth and genuineness that we can offer each other in mutual friendships is just a glimpse of the kind of safety we’re invited to feel with God.


But how often do even Christians, in prayer, feel awkward and unsure of their posture and words? It’s like we’re praying with stiff suits on rather than our favorite jeans. God doesn’t have a dress code. He asks us to come as we are. And to come boldly and confidently. So I think experiencing some measure of “Here I am, and I’m OK” with a friend, opens us up to be that way more with God. It gives us a concrete point to reach out from to someone invisible.


Coming up in Part 4, we’ll hear about not overcomplicating things.

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