Stories of Vision: Cat Moore

Stories of Vision:
Cat Moore


Cat Moore - Sept 22

Over 100 friends joined us on September 22nd at our annual vision dinner to hear how Bridge Leaders are experimenting with new ways of being the church in the US.

Hear is one of the inspiring stories we heard.

Cat never intended to start a cafe and arts community in Atwater Village, CA. She was just sitting behind her laptop at her local Starbucks, shy as a rabbit, trying to get her freelance work done. But God had another plan. Over the course of seven years, Cat and her now 5 year-old son Noah have developed deep and wide-spread relationships with hundreds of locals. Through the simple acts of presence, listening, and being a friend, a full-fledged IMG_6188inclusive and diverse community has developed. People take each other to the airport, visit each other at the hospital, attend each others’ birthday parties, call each other, and share clothes, toys, and books. They share life–the good, the bad, and the ugly. In fact, the shared life cannot be contained in the walls of the cafe–the life is spilling into homes, workplaces, and into the streets. Members of the community initiate community service projects like flower-bombing retirement homes; instigate writers’ salons; set up single-parent potlucks; and arrange for art markets to support local artists and musicians. Here, Friends, is street level proof that No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart conceived what God has in store for those that love him.

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