Stories of Vision: Kim Gilmour-Bowser

Stories of Vision:
Kim Gilmour-Bowser


kim gilmour-bowser

Over 100 friends joined us on September 22nd at our annual vision dinner to hear how Bridge Leaders are experimenting with new ways of being the church in the US.

Hear one of the inspiring stories we heard.


Kim has a heart for the economically disadvantaged. After growing up in La Canada and earning a B.A. in Business from USC, she was looking for a way to invest her education and her vocation on the ground in a practical way. That’s when she decided to GO, to MOVE IN, to become neighbors with a predominantly low-income, Latino community in East Los Angeles. She stood out. She experienced what it was like to be a minority on several levels. She had the cross-cultural missionary experience, less than half an hour from where she grew up and went to college. Through intentional time spent getting to know her new neighbors, Kim came to form many friendships and began hosting Randy Kim - Sept 22 Eventgatherings for these new friends where they could share more deeply and study Scripture and pray. Now, years later, Kim is continuing her life-in-community with these neighbors, throwing Quinceaneras for girls in the community, praying together, and sharing life together. This is one way that Bridge Leaders are living out the Great Commission in their own backyards.

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