Urban Confessional: A FREE Listening Movement

One of the primary skills Bridge Leaders develop is creating safe space for people to be heard and accepted.

Our friends at Urban Confessional are paving free-listening-cornerthe way for a culture of listening and relationship through their simple, profound acts of offering FREE LISTENING on streets around the globe. And it is inspiring!

Check out this article on Huffington Post that features there work as well as a 1 minute video with Urban Confessional’s founder, Benjamin Mathes, about why he does this.


Through various social media and merchandise, Urban Confessional is promoting messages of love like these:

“Being heard is the first step toward being healed.”

“Your story matters because you matter.”

“You don’t need to be licensed or holy to listen.”

“Being heard is so close to being loved most people can’t tell the difference.”


For more on how you or your group can develop the cross-cultural skills of listening and creating safe space for others, contact Chief Catalyst Jim Milley: Jim@BridgesUS.org.

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