Worshipping God in a workout studio?

Linda Taix knew she wanted to serve God in a bigger capacity- she just didn’t know what it looked like.

Linda attended bible study at a church, but then the church moved and the time became too late for her work schedule.

She approached  her pastor with the idea of possibly serving single adults. Her vision did not exist in a traditional style church and she was not encouraged to pursue her idea.

Determined, Linda began looking for a way to serve in her own community-Taix Workout Studio, home of Extreme Boot Camp®. Not your traditional place for worship.

As soon as Linda became clear about wanting to start a bible study group, everything began to fall into place.

She realized the trainers in her studio shared a commonality. Linda said,

“It was awesome how God has brought so many Christians into my studio as trainers.”

The worship was just for her staff and a few close friends that were invited. Then, the group started to grow. Friends brought friends.

Linda thought about what the best day and time were for this community to meet. And, she didn’t want it to conflict with other church activities that attendees may be involved.

The best time would be Friday nights. In her workout studio. This would allow people to feel comfortable, to not be concerned about how they dressed, and most importantly, not to be rushed out the door.

One of Linda’s trainers leads worship music at a church. He volunteered to lead the music at her studio.

Within four months of meeting every other Friday night, the core group has grown to almost 30 people.

Linda bought folding chairs to sit on for worshipping. She bought a table so she could serve a light meal. Many people come directly from work, so she doesn’t want them to miss a meal or not come because they haven’t eaten. She picks up take-out from local restaurants. Worshippers have a chance to interact with each other before and after the worship service.

The worship service in this workout studio is a bible study. Linda says,

“I didn’t feel qualified enough to lead the discussion and answer attendee’s questions in the best way possible. I asked a friend of mine who is a part time pastor at a congregation to lead  the study.”

Attendees at the Taix Workout Studio come from diverse backgrounds. Baptist. Catholic. Non-Christian. Presbyterian. People who had a bad church experience and were perhaps reading the bible on their own. One regular worshipper had previously converted from Judaism.

Planting herself in her community. Seeking help to dig for the gospel. Worshipping in an exercise studio. Could God be doing something new?

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