Pauline Turla

Pause, Sip, and Ponder

Young adults across America are struggling to find their way in our rapidly changing culture.  Pause, Sip & Ponder seeks to empower young adults to move forward to become healthy, fulfilled, and contributing adults.  

Pause, Sip & Ponder provides a safe space for conversations as well as assistance in accessing resources such as mental health care, mentor programs, career fairs, and online job boards.  Bridge Leader Pauline Turla creates in-person events as well as engaging people through podcasts and social media platforms.  “I was inspired to create a platform for others to share their story, believing vulnerability is great strength and can be the next step toward a world of more empathy, love, and intentional living.

I’m so fascinated by the “in-between” moments of one’s journey. What a joy to see someone who was depressed find the energy to not only apply for positions but succeed.  And having that job really changed their life,” reported Pauline T.  And of course, young adults are discovering that they can have a relationship with God as well as with adults, mentors, and friends.

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