Resources for Bridge Leader

Services for Bridge Leaders

Bridges services are designed to multiply the impact of Christian leaders seeking to befriend and disciple people outside existing church culture.

Our assessments help evaluate real progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and determine the next step in a Bridge Leader’s journey.
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1. Coaching Around Results of Strengths Finders 2.0 (on line at

2. Discipleship Activity Survey-Annually ($10-$50 per person take it) ($10-$100 for coaching around it)

3. Discipleship Results Survey—Annually ($10-$75 per person take it ($10-$100 for explanation around it)

4. Missionary Skills Survey—Annually($10-$75 per person take it ($10-$100 for explanation around it)

5. Christ-following Community Survey—Annually ($10-$75 per person take it ($10-$100 for explanation around it)

6. Informal Assessments (No charge—the person does not know when this is happening)

Coaching is personal help when you need it most. Our trained coaches walk with Bridge Leaders through every step of their journey, asking powerful questions and helping discover creative new paths.
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Coaching is personal help when you need it most. Coaching is usually not about giving advice. Our trained Bridges’ coaches walk with you through every step of your journey, asking powerful questions and helping you discover creative new paths.

Coaching ($10 – $100 per person)

1. Bridging/Ministry Coaching

2. Executive Coaching

3. Discernment Coaching

Meet our coaches.

Bridges goes beyond just suggesting what to do; we help Bridge Leaders learn how to do it. We want to provide them with more than just knowledge, and help develop the skills needed to be successful in their ministry.
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Through our years of experience, Bridges has developed an effective 12-step plan and assembled 101 skills to help you along your path of making disciples.

Bridges training involves developing new insights, learning how to reflect effectively, following scripture, and continuing in an endless cycle of learning led by the Holy Spirit.

The Steps
1. Discern
2. Move In
3 Join
4. Learn the Language/Lingo
5. Give & Receive
6. Befriend
7. Follow the Networks
8. Discover the Gospel
9. Disciple: Help others to live like Jesus
10. Gather people into groups to follow Jesus
11. Develop the Group and Equip New Leaders
12. Send & Repeat

Training (Varies by Event)

1. 3 Day Conference
2. Full Day Conference
3. ½ Day Seminary
4. Webinar
5. Video Training
6. Sunday School Classes for Congregations
7. One-Day Training for Sessions/Governing Bodies

None of us can do it alone. We need each other. We need support. Bridges Support Groups are created to encourage and assist Bridge Leaders in ways most relevant to their unique situation.

We share stories from our recent experiences, reflect on what happened, consult related scriptures, seek God’s guidance in prayer, and create next steps for the month ahead.

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Support ($10-$50 per month per person)

  1. Support Group  1 per month


Research done by Dr. Bobby Clinton concluded that 75% of Christian leaders fail in ministry before retirement.  The primary reasons for failure are abuse of money, power, and sex along with burnout and plateauing.  Bridges aims to do something about this.

Bridges’ services are designed to help leaders thrive in their ministry and throughout life.  We’ve studied the ‘7 leadership lessons’ gathered by Clinton from his findings on successful Christian leaders.  Using these lessons, we ensure our Bridge leaders have a solid financial base for ministry, safe community, support services, a learning posture throughout life, and a healthy habit of spiritual practices for connecting with God.

  1. Consultation to help make Care Plan and Build a Network of Care ($10-$100 per session)
  2. Call/Visit in Crisis ($10-$100 per session)


1. Marketing Mentoring

  • Story Telling Mentoring
  • Social Media Mentoring
  • Marketing Development Custom Packages

2. Partner Development Mentoring

  • Building Your Financial Team Mentoring
  • Maintaining Your Financial Team Mentoring
  • Board Development
  • Partner Development Custom Packages

Our desire is to create a low-cost model of church that releases an abundance of funds for helping people in our communities.  To accomplish this, Bridges encourages multi-vocational patterns of livelihood.  This means that each Bridge Leader may have multiple sources of income.  This includes secular jobs, working spouses, government benefits, inheritances, retirement funds, pension plans, social security income, disability income, investment income, and every imaginable way to make ends meet (within the law).

One income source is called Partnership Development Ministry (PDM).  This means that Bridge Leaders may develop a team of partners who financially invest in their ministry. Bridges provides mentoring in Partnership Development and will teach you how to make your ministry possible through the cultivation of financial partners.

Fund Development Individual Units  ($10 to $100 per month)

  1. Mentoring in Pre-Ask Preparation (Vision, Presentation, Mission)
  2. Mentoring in Identification and Qualification
  3. Mentoring in Cultivation
  4. Mentoring in Planning the Ask
  5. Mentoring in Asking and Closing
  6. Mentoring in Thanking
  7. Mentoring in Lifting
  8. Mentoring in Reporting
  9. Mentoring in Researching
  10. Access to Donor Information
  11. Access to Donor Wealth Research
  12. Training in Research Software
  13. Training in CRM Software