The news about Russia and Ukraine has been stressing out many of us this week.  Just the threat of war divides people, creates anger, and enflames old resentments.
Bridge Leader Donna Landon has been building relationships with immigrants to the Los Angeles area, from Russia, France, and Armenia.  She has met and discipled four women separately and has brought them all together into one group.  Despite one woman moving about an hour away, they all still get together in person once a month for a Bridges Support Pod.
One of Donna’s disciples, Diane, recently got engaged to a Ukrainian man, Andrew, whose mother, Zina, is visiting the Los Angeles area from Ukraine for two months.
  • Zina speaks Ukrainian and Russian, no English.
  • Tatiana encouraged Zina by hugging her and speaking Russian for a few hours.
  • Donna and another woman played music on the ukuleles for everyone’s enjoyment.

 “The Holy Spirit knew that we all needed each other,” commented Bridge Leader Donna.

 You noticed that a Russian woman from Moscow and a woman from Ukraine were hugging and talking and encouraging each other’s hearts on February 12th?  This is Bridges building bridges. Tatiana sent a text to each of the women: “Thank you so much for coming.  You made my day.”

 Thank you for making these bridges of relationship possible through your support of Bridges. In times like these, we all need experiences of hope.


Diane Uhri image

Diane brought her Ukrainian fiance to meet her group. 

Tatiana grew up in Moscow.