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Walter Contraras

Walter Contreras

A family in El Salvador sent their daughter to America for a better life.  But then they lost touch.  No phone calls.  No letters.  Where did she go?  They asked Bridge Leader Walter Contreras to help find her.  But how could he?  Hear how God miraculously brings this family back together.


Tim Glover

Tim Glover left his home in Australia to work first in the UK and then the USA as a producer in the Entertainment Industry.  He became part of the American Producers Guild. Tim worked on some of the world’s most prestigious commercials and music videos and was trained by some of the world’s most sought-after visual effects compositors and entertainment professionals.
And yet Covid, changing administrations, changing immigration laws, and the assertion of cancel culture created unexpected obstacles.  Was Tim really called by God to serve in Los Angeles?  Or was it time to pack up and go home?  Hear what happened next as Tim shares his heart and his journey.

Emilio Martinez

You heard from Emilio Martinez at last year’s annual event–how he came to Los Angeles three times before he figured out how to neither lose his faith nor give up. This year, hear how God has been using Emilio to help others find their way.


Norm Gordon

When Norm Gordon started bridging in his hometown in Maryland, he didn’t know a bartender in Florida, but God did. Her name was Kristina Smith. When Covid hit, this bartender lost her job.  Suddenly her nightlife friends were gone.  She headed back to her hometown in Maryland just before the lockdown.  Hear what God had waiting for her and what God has done through her. 

Mike Veerman

Mike Veerman/Olivia

Olivia Uriostegui started working for Bridges as a student intern at the age of 15.  She was responsible and dependable but suddenly disappeared for over a month.  Nobody knew where she had gone. When she finally called, she had a very good reason for having disappeared.  And God had something prepared for her. 

Hear how God provided for her through Bridge Leader Mike and what Olivia is doing now to change the world.

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