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Welcome to the Bridges Academy! When you join, you aren’t simply signing up; you’re beginning a journey towards a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus and a support community to guide you. Join like-minded small groups that nourish your faith exploration.

More than just a membership, we offer a gateway to a new model of discipleship and outreach. Our goal is to transcend the limitations of conventional church gatherings, reaching believers in their homes, workplaces, public spaces, and even across the digital frontier.

Listen to the empowering stories of our leaders, whose tireless efforts uplift and inspire the community. Let their work spark your own passion and inspiration to serve others.

See what our Academy has to offer:

grow with the 12 steps

Grow with the 12 Steps of the Bridging Path

The 12 Steps is a proprietary method to create a powerful path to identify yourself with a group of people in such a positive way that they embrace you as a member, a friend, and welcome your influence in their group. It’s what Jesus did for us.

Hand with community

Communities, Groups, and Forum support

Learn from other Bridge leaders, peers, and network in the Bridges community for emersion, engagement, and growth. 

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The Best Training and Courses in Christian Leadership

You will be enriched with training and courses that will give you the tools you need to develop your leadership skills and practical applications of your skills to grow a community.

Membership Benefits: Discover, Grow, Inspire

 Our rich content library opens the door to exploring the new dawn of spiritual communities. Discover the exciting possibility of growing a community without the burden of large buildings, full-time salaries, or expensive programs. Let the spirit of innovation inspire you.