Godwin Entertainment Ministries

A space for artists to gather, develop, and succeed. 

 Free-thinking artists come to Hollywood from all over the world seeking to share their values and gifts with audiences worldwide. They have spent their lives honing their craft to be a part of delighting and informing the culture through arts and entertainment.

 But unfortunately, Hollywood has not been welcoming toward conservative artists and many find themselves unsure how their faith intersects with their art.

 So we developed Godwin Entertainment Ministries – a not-for-profit arm of Godwin Pictures LLC – to help artists navigate how their faith and values intersect with their art, and to assure them that their world-view has great value on the mountain of arts and entertainment. 

Donna Landon

Timothy Glover

Tim Glover left his home in Australia to work first in the UK and then the USA as a producer in the Entertainment Industry.  He became part of the American Producers Guild. Tim worked on some of the world’s most prestigious commercials and music videos and was trained by some of the world’s most sought-after visual effects compositors and entertainment professionals.