Sometimes we are blessed with conversations that light us up and make us want to take notes. That’s what happened a couple of weeks ago to Pastor Jim Milley during a session with a leader in New York who is learning about Bridges. This is his text message to himself about the stages of leadership development.


Leaders come in different capacities and different stages. All are broken. Some are still hiding their brokenness. Some are in the process of discovering it. Some are working hard to fix themselves. Some have finally given up. Some are experiencing the power and spirit of God working through their openness about their brokenness. Some are on a second round of the above on a deeper level. Some have learned how to choose to suffer from another person. Some are experiencing the Spirit working through their being than their doing. Some leaders are learning how to give up all that they found meaningful in their doing and being. The things that formed their identity begin to fail. They are undone. They begin to accept that they will enter into that good night with nothing except the hope of Christ.

How do these Stages show up in your life?

Which leader stage describes the people who come to you for help?

Which stages do you currently most enjoy helping?

Which stage most describes your current self-understanding?

What would be your ideal for the stages that you spend the most time with?

Spend some time praying and journaling about it, and feel free to drop a line in the comments to connect with others who may be in different stages of their journeys.