Eric’s Small Group Story

My spiritual journey started in a small group in NYC in 1990 when I was invited to join other creative artists for an informal bible study in the home of a jazz singer, led by another talented musical couple.

It continued in Sydney through a similar small group who loved me & taught me how to have a real life-changing relationship with God. This group also met in people’s homes and was led by Kiwi interior painter/designer who showed me how to follow Jesus, share my faith & make disciples.

None of these “everyday Christians” were paid Church Staff or had Theology degrees, but they made a difference! And that difference has had ripple effects beyond my life, as I’ve passed their simple teachings and friendship onward and outward.

This is the work we are doing at Bridges. Bridges is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that equips & empowers regular people to use their spiritual gifts, talents & passions to build christ-centered communities outside the walls of the church – because people grow more in circles then sitting in rows.

With your help, Bridges can do even more to change lives by providing training & support to aspiring small group facilitators. Join Us in our mission to create 500 new community groups led by trained Bridge Leaders by 2025 to transform America – One community at a time.


Eric Michael Cap

P.S. Do you have a Small Group Story you’d like to share? if so, please send it to us!